Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Criminology and Penology- GUC

This page contains announcements related to the course.

2018.04.10 Week 8 (forms of crimes & white collar and corporate crime)
1.     Read: Student Handbook, pp. 133-152 “ch. 10 regulation and corporate crime” (presentation – Hanna Hashem & Radwa Abdelhamid & Fatima Yasser)
2.     Read: FCPA, Daimler andEgypt Case (pres. Fatima Amr & Youssef Ahmed)
3.     Walsh’s Introduction toCrime and Criminology “Mala in Se and Mala Prohibita” (pres. Tarek Sayed & Amin Mohamed)
4.     John Kleinig- Ethicsand Criminal Justice ch. 1 “Civil society: its institutions and major players” (pres. Hanan Ahmed & Sherry Ashraf)
5.     John Kleinig- Ethicsand Criminal Justice ch. 2 “Crime and the limits of criminalization” (pres. Nour Alaaeldin & Reem Tarek)
6.     John Kleinig- Ethicsand Criminal Justice ch. 3 “Constraints on governmental agents” (pres. Zeina Mohamed & Youseff Yasser)
7.     Intro to Criminal Justice, ch. 2 “crime and its consequences” pp. 26-59” (pres. Omar Sherif & Nour Osama)

Assignment due April 10th 1:45 PM. Please submit it via Google Form (click here) and bring a hard copy with you.