Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Criminal Law Course- GUC

This page contains announcements related to the course.

1.     Read: Ashworth’s Principles, Ch. 10 “complicity” pp. 416-453 (all students will be on call to present)
2.     Read: Belal, pp. 339- 361 (presentation- A. Abdelaal)
3.     Read: Belal, pp. 362-392 (pres. G. Emad)
4.     Read: Belal, pp. 393- 443 (pres. H. Hatem & A. Hazem)
5.     Read: Belal, pp. 444- 474 (pres. Sh. Mohamed)
6.     Read: Khalifa, relevant section on Participation (pres. M. Ahmed & F. Mohamed)
7.     Read: FCPA, Daimler and Egypt case- criminal liability of juristic persons (pres. SO. Magdy)

Assignment due April 10th 8:15 AM. Please submit it via Google Form (click here) and bring a hard copy with you.